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Rolling Star Custom Trailers Rolling Star Custom Trailers Rolling Star Custom Trailers Rolling Star Custom Trailers Custom Trailers

You Dream it, We Build it.
Handmade in the USA.

Financing Available


Air Conditioning/Heating

We offer a range of wall mount and roof mount air conditioning units and heaters designed to fit each customer's needs.
Custom Trailers

Slide-Out Rooms

Rolling Star uses HWH Slide-out Room Systems
Custom Trailers


If your custom trailer needs built-in appliances such as an oven or refrigerator, or full kitchen set up, we have full line of appliances to choose from, each designed to fit your vision.
Custom Trailers

Built-in Stereo System

We can install the stereo system and wiring to meet your professional or personal sound system needs.
Custom Trailers

Custom Shelving & Storage Closets

We will build all of the custom shelving and storage spaces that your trailer needs. We will go over all of the various options available to you before the build process begins.
Custom Trailers

Custom Windows & Window Locations

We will design the window style and placement to meet your needs. Any window configuration can be accommodated.
Custom Trailers

Hydraulic Dumping

If your trailer needs lift and dump functionality, this is a feature we can add to your Rolling Star trailer with our hydraulic lift systems.
Custom Trailers

Interior Lighting Systems

We offer a host of lighting system options from flourescent lighting system to roof sky light options. We will go over your lighting options with you when we put together your custom trailer design.
Custom Trailers

On-Board Generators

We offer a full line of ONAN generators to suit your power needs.
Custom Trailers

Ramp Doors

If your custom trailer needs a ramp door, as many sport and utility vehicle haulers do, we can build this functionality into your trailer design.
Custom Trailers

Seamless Fiberglass Reinforced Walls

Our walls are seamless fiberglass gel-coat exterior and interior insulated or standard. These walls allow for easy decaling and graphics.
Custom Trailers

Steel or Aluminum Frame

Rolling Star trailer and truck body frames are offered in your choice of heavy duty aluminum or galvanized steel.
Custom Trailers

YES, we can help finance your dream trailer. We have connections with several financial institutions that can partner with you to help you pay for your dream trailer with a monthly payment you can afford. Give us a call or email us to inquire about financing options.
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